• Conference on “Building An Asian Luxury Brand: The case of Jim Thompson” at Mahidol University. Bangkok
    November 24th 2018
  • The 7th Prestige Brand Forum organized by CEIBS in Shanghai on May 30th 2015: “Tradition and Modernity Revisited”.
    Paper presented: “Prerequisites for Bestsellers”.
  • 10th Global Brand Conference. University of Turku (Finland) April 27th to 29th 2015. Presentation of the paper “Resolving Tensions among Creative Departments through Brand Identity Definition: The Case of Pininfarina”
  • Conference on “The Chinese Luxury Consumer” University of Strathclyde. Milan June 2014
  • 9th Global Brand Conference. University of Hertfordshire (Hatfield, UK) April 2014
    Presentation of the paper “The use of Simulacrum in Building Brand Myths”
  • Conference on “Brand Authenticity”. Annual Seminar on Luxury organized by The Belgian Luxury Circle.
    Brussels February 2014.
  • Seminario 2013 sobre la trasparencia. Fundación Ortega y Gasset. Madrid July 2013
    Presentation: “Deus ex Opacitate: L’administrateur de système”
  • Conference « rand Authenticity » for Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences in Zurich. June 2013
    Full organization of the conference (theme, participants, marketing material...)
    Presentation on “External and internal sources of brand Authenticity”
  • Conference “Building Chinese luxury brands”. May 2013
    Organized by Euromed in Shanghai and Forbes China.
    Presentation on “New business models for emerging China Luxury Brands”
  • 8th Global Brand Conference. Catholic University of Portugal (Porto) April 2013 Presentation of a paper written with Denis Darpy “Preferences for curved lines vs. straight and angular lines in object design”
  • Conference on “Luxury Brands and China”. University of Strathclyde. Venice November 2012
  • Fundación Mapfre. Exposición “Yves Saint Laurent: Alta costura, alta cultura”. Madrid, October 2011
    Conference on ”Yves Saint Laurent: Questions de style”. Text on Video on
  • Congreso de Semiótica Cultural. Madrid November 17 – 19th 2010
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Facultad de las sciencias de la Informacion
    Paper and conference on “The notion of luxury”
  • Conference “6th Thought Leaders International Conference in Brand Management” at Università della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano) April 18th to 20th, 2010
    Paper presented: “Brand Aesthetics: A new approach to Brand Management”
  • Séminaire Intersémiotique de Paris (Paris IV-Sorbonne &IUF) Décembre 2009
    Presentation of "La ligne Serpentine" jointly with Denis bertrand who presented "Sémiotique de la ligne"
    ESADE Business School Madrid. April 2009
    Conference on “Success Stories in Luxury”
  • Conference on “Brands and Arts: ... a two way street”
    Colegio oficial de arquitectos de Malaga. Novembre 2007
  • Conference on « Bricolage and signification. Jean- Marie Floch: analytic practices and theoretical perspectives”
    Università degli studi di Urbino (ITALY) July 2007
    “Applications of Jean-Marie Floch’s semiotics to brand management”
    Article « La sémiotique de Jean-Marie Floch et la gestion des marques », available on line at
    Article published in the academic journal FICTIONS: Studi sulla Narratività » VII 2008
  • Conference ”Etica y estetica de marca” ISEM (Instituto Superior de Empresa y Moda) (Madrid) January 2006
  • Conference « Failures in Strategic Brand Management » Brand Logic Symposium 2003. Innsbrück. Mai 2003
  • Museum of Sarreguemines (France). March 2003
    Symposium : Âme et Art des feux Rakou. Subject: “Is Raku a brand?”
  • IESE (University of Navarra). Barcelone. October 2002
    5th Industry meeting on prestige brands : The prestige goods sector in a restructuration process
    Subject: “Brands and globalization”
  • Les Echos. Paris. June 2002
    8th yearly conference of luxury professionals: Managing changes in time of crisis. Subject: “What profile for the leaders?”
  • World Federation Of Advertisers. Tokyo. October 2001
    48th World congress : Ad-mission to the New Century. Subject: « Brand Identity Management over time and space »
  • Les Echos. Paris. March 2000
    7th yearly conference of luxury professionals: Creation, concentration, and the Internet. Subject: “How to relaunch a brand: the Bally case”
  • IESE (University of Navarra). Barcelona. April 2000
    3rd Industry meeting on prestige brands : Design and prestige : a luxury differentiation. Subject: «Relaunching luxury brands »
  • IESE (University of Navarra). Barcelona. November 2000
    10th colloquium on business and economic ethics. Subject: “Ethics and quality”