and chapters in collective books

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  • Chapter 11 « Méthode sémiotique : de la structure au sensible » written with Denis Bertrand In the collective book « Méthodes de recherche qualitatives innovantes » by Pierre Romelaer and Lionel Garreau. Economica 2019
  • Resolving Tensions among Creative Departments through Brand Identity Definition: The Case Study of Pininfarina. Article published in Business and Management Studies Vol.2, No 1; March 2016
  • Iconic Brands: An Example of Semantic Drift. Article published in Spanish in Cuadernos de informacion y Comunicacion. vol. 20, 2015. Idolos y Iconos en la Semiosfera Mediatica. Publicaciones Universidad Computense de Madrid
  • Autenticidades de las marcas. Article published in Spanish in Revista de Occidente January 2015, N° 404. Published by Fundación José Ortega y Gasset- Gregorio Marañon
  • Deus ex Opacitate: El administrador de sistema. Article published by Visor Libros (Madrid, 2015) in the book « Transparencia y Secreto » by Marcello Serra and Oscar Gomez (eds) which regroups the acts of the seminar organized in Madrid by GESC (Grupo de Estudios de la Semiotica Cultural) in 2013-2014
  • The Long March of the Chinese Luxury Industry Toward Globalization: Questioning the Relevance of the ‘China Time-Honored Brand’ Label. Cowritten with Philippe Forêt. Published in the Journal “Luxury: History, Culture, Consumption”, September 2014, volume 1, Issue 1, pp 133 – 154
  • Simulacrum in Building Brand Myths
    Presented at the 9th Global Brand Annual Global Brand Conference at Hertfordshire Business School in Hatfield, University of Hertfordshire, UK on April 9-11, 2014. Text published on (official site of the Italian semiotics Association)
  • Gestion Expressive des Marques dans un Contexte de Baroquisation
    Co-written with Prof. Denis Darpy (Université Paris-Dauphine). Published in the Journal “Décisions Marketing” numéro DM 74, avril – juin 2014, pp 83 – 96
  • Preferences for Curved Lines vs. Straight and Angular Lines in Object Design
    Written with Denis Darpy and presented to the 8th Annual Global Brand Conference in the Catholic University of Portugal (Porto) in April 2013
  • La Notion de Luxe. Article presented at the Congreso Internacional del Grupo de Estudio de Semiotica de la Cultura in Madrid in November 2010. Published in 2012 in the book “En torno a la semiotica de la cultura”, the acts of the congress coordinated by Marcello Serra by Editorial Fragua and Fundacion Ortega y Gasset
  • Yves Saint Laurent: Questions de Style
    Text of the presentation made at the conference organized by Fundacion Mapfre at the occasion of the Exhibition “Yves Saint Laurent: Alta Costura, Alta Cultura”. Madrid, October 2011
    Text published on (official site of the Italian semiotics Association). Video of the presentation available at
  • Zooming in the 21st Century On the new Starbucks logo published on the website of the Italian Semiotic Association. April 2011. Text on
  • Brand Aesthetics: A new Approach to Brand Management
    Presented to the “6th Thought Leaders International Conference in Brand Management” at Università della Svizzera Italiana (Lugano) April 2010
  • La Sémiotique de Jean-Marie Floch et la Gestion des Marques
    Published in the academic journal FICTIONS: “Studi sulla Narratività” VII 2008. Text also available on line at
    Presented at the Conference on “Bricolage and signification. Jean- Marie Floch: analytic practices and theoretical perspectives” Università degli studi di Urbino (ITALY) July 2007